This is my site Glossary (you have just to insert the ShortCode kttg_glossary  in your content)

  • Blink [ faq, tooltipy-cat ]

    blinkingBlinking is semi-autonomica rapid opening of the eyelid.It is an essential function of the eye that helps spread tears across and remove irritants from the surface of the cornea and conjunctiva.  
  • Can I apply the tooltips on specific images ? [ faq ]

    Yes :
    1. Open your page on edit mode
    2. Select the image for which you want to apply a tooltip
    3. Push the “Associate tooltip ti image” from the list of buttons above the text
    4. Then write the title of the keyword you want to rely
    5. “Update” button
  • Can I change the keywords highlighting mode ? [ faq ]

    1. In the “Tooltipy” menu choose the submenu «Settings»
    2. Check No background (Dotted-style)
    3. Finally press the button «Save Settings»
  • Can I exclude the occurrence of one or more tooltips in a specific page ? [ faq ]

    Yes we can exclude one or more keywords to be treated with Tooltipy : Open in edition mode the post/page which contains the keywords A widget called «Keywords related» appears on the right side so you can choose the keywords to filter adding keywords in the “Keywords to exclude” section Finally «Update» the article
  • Can I export and import my keywords from one site to another ? [ faq ]

    Yes it is possible by using the tool «Import» and «Export» on the tool menu For example : To import my list of keywords to a new site: Tools> Import>WordPress Select the XML file you exported from the old site.
  • How to Add a new keyword ? [ faq ]

    In the menu «Tooltipy» choose the submenu «Add» Enter now :
    • The keyword as a title
    • The description contained in the text area
    • The list of synonyms separated by « | » (pipe) in the «Synonyms» text field
    • The image expressing keyword as «Featured image»
    • explore other features (Youtube video ID, case sensitive, is a prefix ...)
    • Publish
    Now the tooltip expressing this keyword appears anywhere on your site content.
  • How to add a Widget with the list of keywords of the current post ? [ faq ]

    1. The menu «Appearance»
    2. Then the submenu «Widgets»
    3. Choose the widget «My Keywords (Bluet)»
    4. Then Add the Widget
  • How to change the appearance of tooltips ? [ faq ]

    1. In the “Tooltipy” menu choose the submenu «Settings»
    2. Then select the tab «Style»
    3. Here you can customize the appearance of your tooltips (colors, font size, highlight method …)
    4. Finally press the button «Save Settings»
  • How to change the tooltip position ? [ faq ]

    1. In the menu «My Keywords» choose the submenu «Settings»
    2. in the tab «Options» select the position from «Tooltip position»
  • How to choose whether tooltips appear on the pages and or articles ? [ faq ]

    By default tooltips appears everywhere in your content. In the “Advanced” Tab use a CSS class used only for page/article contents and insert it in the Cover areas input or in Exclude areas depending on what you want to do exactly Example : you want just to exclude pages from being matched : Insert page-content-area on Exclude area
    (page-content-area is a class you found exclusively in the page the template, all depends on your theme of course)

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